Infant - Toddler


At Stepping Stone, we understand that every infant is a unique individual with patterns and schedules that are just as unique. Our team at Stepping Stone will communicate with families to ensure that infants' schedules stay consistent between home and childcare. Each day you will receive a record of your child's day that includes; feeding amounts and times, diaper changes, sleep, milestones, and interactions. Your child will be provided with an atmosphere that will stimulate positive growth and development, while allowing them the opportunity to form important bonds with regular caregivers. Our highly educated and experienced teachers enjoy interacting with your babies through play, reading, singing, talking, rocking, cuddling, and soothing throughout the day. Infants are encouraged to explore their environment, which we take great pride in keeping extremely clean and sanitary. Infants are exposed to music and movement, art, sensory experiences, and books on a regular basis.

The first years of a child's life are so important because he/she is learning to trust the world around them. Our goal at Stepping Stone is to provide our community and families with a premier program that promotes positive growth and development in young children. We are confident that we can offer a program that meets the needs of your family and child.

Stepping Stone Day Care Features

We have separate play and sleep areas to ensure minimal distraction.

Lesson plans with daily activities including art, sensory exploration, books and songs. Children are introduced to letters, numbers, shapes and colors.

Age-appropriate toys, games and music.

We offer plenty of group activities to practice social skills, such as cooperation, sharing, taking turns and using their manners.

You will enjoy regular communication with teachers, including daily activity logs, so that you are informed about your child's day.